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Transforming Organisational Culture for a Purpose-Driven Future

For two decades, nowcon has been shaping the profile of organisational consulting with a clear focus on the transformation of corporate culture and meaningful leadership. During this time, we have established ourselves not only as early observers of trends, but also as active shapers of innovation. Our journey has been and continues to be a constant evolution, characterised by a deep conviction that true innovation comes from both technological advances and a fundamental understanding of human dynamics and systemic cultures.

At the centre of our work is a mission that goes beyond the mere pursuit of profit. nowcon seeks sustainable values such as the well-being of people, society and the planet. Our consulting approaches aim to empower organisations to develop agile, transparent and fear-free working environments that foster ownership and creativity. Our 20th anniversary is a testament to the depth of expertise and enduring trust our clients place in us.

New Brand Identity: Symbolising Our Vision For the Future

Our new brand identity reflects nowcon’s commitment to a future in which innovation and meaningful action go hand in hand. It symbolises our ongoing evolution and our ambition to not only advise on cultural transformation, but to actively live it ourselves. Our new look reinforces our position as a pioneer in creating culture that puts human needs and social good at the centre.

Thank You

We are deeply grateful for the past 20 years of collaboration with visionary companies and open-hearted people. We are excited about the future, which harbours new challenges, opportunities and the potential for significant joint successes.