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Company Culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Why is culture so important and how come so little is worked on and changed?

We work with methods that take a clear look at corporate culture, measure it and develop it in a targeted way.

Peter Drucker

Following Peter Drucker’s motto, we focus our attention on the fit between the methods used and the corporate culture. If culture and measures do not match, the measures will not be lived or may even have a destructive effect.

Corporate culture is a term that is defined in different ways and is initially difficult to measure. We have had good experience with equating “culture” with “value system” and use an online survey tool that asks about motives for action to measure corporate culture.

For our consulting we use a value development model (Spiral Dynamics), which shows a step-like development of individuals and organizations analogous to the development steps of mankind. This model – originally developed by Claire W. Graves, then further developed by Beck/Cowan – serves as our compass. We mainly work on the individual mind sets and competencies as well as the corporate structures and processes.

The new corporate culture emerges as a result of this work, as well as direct dialogue about values.