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Individual Mindsets

Development to freedom from fear

From dependence and existential fear to self-development

Most spiritual and integral approaches to awakening and personal development focus on healing our fragmented selves and transcending our ego so that we can become whole and one with everything. (Martin Ucik)

Personal development is a path to freedom from fear and access to resources. This mindset is helpful and necessary for the new way of working. Coaching can support this. But often this is not necessary at all, because the employees are individually more advanced than the structures and culture of the organization, so that they react positively to the transformation process and support it. The goal of individual development can be described as moving from dependency and existential fear to self-development, growing confidence and freedom from fear. In an organization, this mindset is important in order to be able to live agility or instruments such as Scrum. Because a person characterized by fear of loss, who needs knowledge to secure his position, slows down the quality and speed of modern working relationships.

Tomorrow’s organizations will increasingly need (fear-)free employees who are faster, more innovative, more holistic and healthier than people in earlier organizational levels.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is an offer to individuals to reflect on their own inner and professional issues in one-on-one contact.

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A range of conversational or constellation methods and body-oriented approaches help to

Adopt new perspectives on own topics

Discover and resolve old patterns

Clear existing hurdles

Personality develops

People who are on the threshold of a change can be supported in their development by professional coaching, if they want it themselves. Impulses from outside can be taken up, whether and to what extent this happens is up to the person in question. The organization can allow the desired or already completed individual development and support it by creating conducive conditions.

Organizations are more backwards than their employees

Often the employees of an organization are more developed than their company. In their private lives, they are often more self-responsible, sense-oriented and fear-free. Utilization of the individual mindset potential in the work context can be achieved in these cases by raising corporate structures and methods to a higher level of maturity so that employees can live their higher level of development in the organization.