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Knowledge & Competencies

Training and Seminars

We train and educate people in companies according to their attitudes and values. To initiate development, we incorporate methods and content from the targeted culture and value level. These are our training fields:


Leadership rethought

From level to level, leadership decreases and personal responsibility increases. What does leadership look like in high value levels and what are its tasks?


Helpful Communication in Organizations

In addition to communication models, we show how communication across different channels works well, clarifies and connects.


Valuing Feedback

We often avoid feedback because we fear being hurt. Yet it is the central element to bring blind spots into the light. We train a method that is found to be very helpful.


Integral Business Practice

This method serves executives as a quick check and as a continuous process with which the achieved transformation is maintained:

How do I recognize and promote individual attitude and motivation? What do we need in terms of competence and balance? Where do we stand in the design of structures and methods? Do we live our values (in all areas)?


Organization as an Organism

Systemic principles of cooperation help us to recognize how organically organizations function. We train in theory and practice.


Value and Culture Levels in Organizations

Our experience is that it is very helpful for personal development to know the stages of development. We make theory come alive in workshops. Being able to draw on this knowledge collectively is a great support for organizational development.


Look at the System with Constellations

With the help of (organizational) constellations it is possible to find a solution within a very short time by using current state analysis and Simulation of different alternatives. This method is particularly suitable to prepare decisions – no matter whether it is a company-wide transformation process, a team situation, a location question or a personnel decision.


Dealing with myself

The more I am at peace with myself, the less I burden others. Then I am able to use my potential to solve current issues. This is what we want to teach and practice methodically.


Conflict Mediation as a Basic Skill

Schools train conflict mediators. We offer a similar idea for companies. This strategic element can become part of a corporate culture that can do more than just resolve conflicts.

Contact us about our seminar offers. We will be happy to provide further information about the time frame, detailed content and costs.