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Mediation as a fixed Organizational Competence

Conflicts are part of it. The goal is not to be free of conflict, but to deal with it well. With the help of the mediation method, which originates from the idea of non-violent communication, organizations manage to use conflicts to improve cooperation instead of letting them become explosives. We offer mediation as an external service, but also provide training in mediation skills so that the constructive handling of conflicts becomes an integral part of the evolving organization.

Wesentliche Elemente sind dabei:

Mediation makes it possible for the conflicting parties to work together constructively again

Through mediation, the parties involved learn to understand each other more deeply than before the conflict.

Through conflict resolution, energy that was used for the dispute is freed up again for meaningful work

Mediation prevents employees from quitting (internally), or customer/supplier relationships from breaking down

A "win-win situation" is created - no one "loses their face"

Mediation has a calming effect on the entire work environment