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Can we create organizations without pathologies?

Organizations, free from politics, bureaucracy and strife, free from stress and burnout, free from resignation, resentment and apathy?
– Frederic Laloux

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„Culture eats strategy for breakfast“
– Peter Drucker

Why is culture so important and how come so little is worked on and changed? We work with methods that take a clear look at corporate culture, measure it and develop it in a targeted way.

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Rethinking organizations

The way in that organizations are organized; with hierarchies in which people think and act, has grown historically. It makes urgent sense to rethink organizations from the ground up in order to work faster, more innovative, healthier and more meaningful. Corporate culture is the ground on which strategies, methods and skills are practiced. It is the prerequisite for achieving goals and the result of leadership. We offer methods to identify and “measure” the current corporate culture. For this purpose, we use a model that defines culture as a value system (Spiral Dynamics by Beck & Cowan). In the different value systems we work on internal as well as external factors to achieve a balanced development of culture, organizational structures, methods, mindsets and competencies.

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Is the corporate culture right?

Is the corporate culture right?

Können Mitarbeiter in ihrem Job zufrieden sein, obwohl sie nicht zum Unternehmen passen? Die StepStone-Studie  „Recruiting mit Persönlichkeit“ hat herausgefunden, dass 43 % der MitarbeiterInnen der Meinung sind, nicht zur Kultur ihres Unternehmens…

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