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Processes & Methods

Shaping Elements of an Organization

Traditionally, management and business consulting deal with these elements. In our culture-oriented approach, we include structures and methods, but at the same time we also consider the inner perspectives such as culture and individual mind set. This is because structures and methods depend on the value level of the organization. For example, appraisal interviews fit into a different corporate culture than goal-setting interviews.

We support you in developing the structures (organizational structure), processes (procedures) and methods in such a way that they correspond to the desired corporate culture.

Here are some examples of structures, processes and methods:

Organizational Structures

How is the organization structured? Which tasks are handled in which committees? Who has which tasks and responsibilities? Does this structure fit the (desired) culture? What makes it more agile, more human and more effective?

Leadership Methods

We will clarify whether and which employee appraisals make sense, what the transition to self-responsibility can look like, and what attitude managers can develop in this regard.

Communication Structures

Who talks to whom? About what? When, meaning at what intervals? Are there regular meetings and spontaneous ones?

What is lacking in communication and what is too much and hindering?

Methods and structures should always be based on the organization’s value system. This applies to employee management just as much as to knowledge management or product development. In marketing and sales, the customers’ value systems should also be included.