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Team Development

Improve team collaboration

We support teams in becoming more efficient and effective. Systemic-integral approaches are helpful for this. We work with constellations, supervision methods, integrate coaching approaches, use methods from mental training. Methods from conflict mediation are often used as well.

The team’s environment is also important. We see bringing the culture and values of the team and the organizational environment into harmony as part of the team development process.

Teams in living organizations, as “cells of the organism,” perform many functions for the company as a whole.
We therefore consider:

The composition of the team (what characteristics does everyone bring - analysis by De Bono, for example, or by developmental stages)

The alignment and attitude: What are vision (What is my contribution to something bigger?) and what is the human image? What do I need to be there with all my senses and powers and to stay in balance ("flow")?

Team development and cooperation: What structure of cooperation do we give ourselves? How can we minimize friction and build our trust in each other?

The development of individual personalities: How can each individual improve their inner beliefs and mental models to better contribute and gain greater satisfaction from teamwork?

The leadership of the team: Which characteristics, which world view, which qualifications does the leadership need? What are their tasks? How has leadership changed?

What guidance does such a team need for self-reflection, for maintaining attitudes and values?

What knowledge is available to the team? How can the team fully utilize their individual knowledge potentials and, in addition, generate generative team knowledge?

How is the collaboration with other teams and the overall company?

According to Deepak Chopra

The three ingredients of a true team

A team is more than the sum of its members. Achieving this “more” requires a shared vision, emotional connection and mutual welcoming of individual strengths.

With your team we will discover the mind-sets, the helpful forms of dialogue and ways of self-organization so that a team can develop to full strength.