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Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics is a powerful framework that helps us understand the motivation and values of individuals and organizations as they progress through different stages of development. At its core, this model sheds light on the driving forces behind human behavior and societal change.


Archaic, instinctive, automatic


Animistic, tribalistic, mystical


Egocentric, exploitative, rebellious


Obedient, purposeful, authoritarian

Spiral Dynamics assigns distinct colors to various phases of human and organizational development. These colors represent the evolving worldviews, mindsets, and values that shape our perceptions and actions at each stage of development.


Materialistic, strategic, ambitious


Personalistic, pluralistic, sensitive


Systemic, ecological, flexible


Compassion harmony, peace

A paradigm shift
for progress

Human history is marked by significant transitions, from the dawn of settled civilizations to the age of industrialization, followed by the emergence of the service and information societies. Each of these milestones was made possible by advancements in technology and corresponding shifts in human values. They not only shaped our way of life but also ensured our survival as a species.

Today, we stand on the brink of another transformative era, one that calls for a holistic worldview, an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, and heightened interpersonal skills. This developmental leap, akin to those that came before, holds the key to our continued existence on this planet. Spiral Dynamics serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a future where purpose, unity, and shared values drive our collective journey, both as individuals and as organizations.

Integrated vision
across quadrants

The Integral Quadrants Model by Ken Wilber, offers a comprehensive framework for understanding complex systems, encompassing human development and organizational dynamics. nowcon utilizes this model to gain deep insights, allowing us to address challenges holistically and tailor solutions that foster purpose-driven culture, innovation, and sustainable change, guiding our clients toward unity, shared values, and collective success.

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