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For people-first organisations — we support innovators towards purpose-driven culture and sustainable growth.

We believe in a future of togetherness. Our mission at nowcon is to catalyze change for a freer, healthier, and more compassionate world.

We’re dedicated to eliminating toxic work environments and exploitative economic systems, replacing profit-driven motives with a shared planetary consciousness. Our unwavering commitment is to foster collaborative harmony as we collectively journey toward a brighter, sustainable future.


At nowcon, we transform organizational cultures into thriving ecosystems of innovation and purpose. Our expertise lies in sculpting environments that naturally draw in purpose-driven talent, fostering trust, and nurturing a collective sense of meaning.


  • More innovation through an anxiety-free working environment and self-organisation

  • More resonance and flower life, less burnout

  • More satisfaction through a sense of purpose

  • Greater flexibility and speed of adaptation

  • More expertise through less fluctuation and intrinsic further training

  • Greater efficiency thanks to simpler processes and direct decision-making channels

  • Less workload, more focus on important things

  • Alignment of corporate goals with what people and the planet need.

More human,
less ego

Our mission is simple yet profound: to make organizations more human-centric and less ego-driven. We believe in fostering cultures that value people over profits, collaboration over competition, and purpose over prestige. Discover how we’re reshaping the corporate landscape.

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We’ve partnered with leaders and innovators from startups to DAX organisations, each taking distinct strides toward a purpose-driven future.

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Evolutionary steps
at your own pace

At nowcon, we embark on a purposeful journey, beginning with leadership commitment and a readiness for growth. We believe in your team’s untapped potential. Across six steps, from the Kick-Off workshop to redefining leadership roles, we empower organisations to redefine success.

Beacon Initiatives make this culture tangible, fostering collaboration and innovation in more human-centric organisations. Embark on this transformative voyage with us, where each step leads to a future where purpose and empowerment reign.

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Explore insights, strategies, and visionary perspectives that will empower you to shape a brighter future.

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